Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens

I am a Full-Stack Electrical Engineer with experience from IC design to coding and product marketing. I work as Sr. EE in the System Integration team at Microsoft HoloLens, the first fully untethered, holographic computer, enabling people to interact with high‑definition holograms. I lead a cross-functional team spanning Optics, Sensors, Electrical, Power and Silicon charted with developing HoloLens's Holographic Display.

Giving demos at SPIE's VR, AR, MR Conference

Giving demos at SPIE's VR, AR, MR Conference

Previously, I was System Architect at Maxim Integrated and Manager of Application Engineering at Volterra Semi where I worked on innovative Battery Management Systems (BMS) and Power Management chips used in smartphones, cars and servers.

I have a PhD in EE from Politecnico di Milano where I invented the World’s first Single-Photon Counting Camera and I spent my Postdoc at MIT working on Quantum Imaging applications of high-sensitivity cameras. My publications are listed here.


I'm very interested in Mixed Reality (MR), Contextual Computing and Internet of Things (IoT). I find applications at the border of physical and virtual/social worlds extremely fascinating.

I love to travel, discover new places and understand different cultures (most recently: Hong Kong!). I love reading books and watching movies. I support Inter Milan (in both good and bad times). I also make one of the best Tiramisu' of the San Francisco Bay Area.


What I'm doing now

I work as Sr. Electrical/Hardware/System Engineer at Microsoft HoloLens, the first fully untethered, holographic computer. I'm in charge of display integration, flexes and interconnects. HoloLens completely re-defines how people interact with the digital and real world.

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