Tindie helps bring hardware ideas to life!

Tindie, the marketplace for hardware products, announced unofficially last night that it will soon introduce a service on their website to allow hardware creators and enthusiasts to exchange information on how they manufactured their products, which services they used and so on... It will be a sort of "Yelp for hardware creators", with ratings, comments, photos and such. I love the idea!

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First SV Hardware Meetup

Just left the meetup, which was hosted by Tindie, an interesting online marketplace for hardware projects. More than 100 people showed up, not bad for the first time! At least 20 people demoed their projects and few companies promoted their services. My favorite project? Look at Aaron's house-doll sized Mac! 

Aaron's mini Mac. He isn't selling it, yet... 

Aaron's mini Mac. He isn't selling it, yet...