Oculus Quest 2 is finally here!

Proud to be part of the team that shipped this incredible new VR headset costing only $299!

The Website goes Static

I have been looking for a while for ways to embed different kind of content (e.g. Jupyter notebooks), and better support for code syntax highlight and LaTeX equations. In the end, I dediced to convert this site to a static website using the Hugo framework. What does this mean to you? Faster and more secure pages, more diverse content, and new permalinks.

May 14, 2020

Are you confident in your test results?

Use Python to verify whether your data is Normally distributed and to compute Confidence Intervals (CI) of results from small or large datasets.

Sep 22, 2019

Say Hello to HoloLens 2

After much work HoloLens 2 is finally here with a larger field of view, new MEMs Laser display, new 3D sensor, better hands tracking, eye tracking and much more comfortable.

Mar 1, 2019

“The Complete Basic Electronics Course” is online!

Do you want to know more about electronics and to design cool projects? Enroll to my introductory course to learn how components work and how to create simple circuits!

Jan 18, 2018

Use Python to plot Surface graphs of irregular Datasets

Do you want to plot a surface graph of a 3D dataset but your data is not distributed on a regular meshgrid? No need to worry as Matplotlib's trisurf got you covered. Here is how to use it.

Sep 10, 2017

8 Reasons to use Python for Laboratory Automation

Are you an engineer working in a lab? Let Python help you out!

Feb 1, 2016